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V. Divine bottles

Ausone wines

Château Ausone is the jewel of the estate, a masterpiece of subtle elegance. Like a cathedral, it initially presents a big, powerful, mineral profile of Cabernet Franc.

Bouteille château Ausone
Then comes the Merlot, round and pure with a chiselled texture. Finesse and freshness linger long on the palate, finishing with exquisite balance.

This is a monumental wine that travels through time, polished by its loving passage.

Cave barriques chateau Ausone
Bouteille chapelle d’Ausone

The estate also offers a lovely overture, Chapelle d’Ausone. Crafted in the same conditions as its elder sibling, its slightest concern is that it is made with grapes from young vines that will later produce the First Wine. Beside the Cabernet Franc, the Merlot stands out more distinctly, enhancing the crisp fruit and mingling with the subtlest hints of Cabernet Sauvignon. As always, Ausone’s hallmark of taste, its omnipresent elegance, is passionately displayed.

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